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What are display props
In the commercial space design used for the background of products and commercial space design and environment display items,
display props main To show the specific display now show supplies, commercial facilities and equipment,
display props from the design of the space can be large or small, small to a product display, large to the important display objects in the space.
The display item can also be a separate product, which can be displayed as a display item. There are various forms of display props,
which can support, enclose, hang, post, place and rely on, partition and indicate the direction, explain the role of exhibits are display props.
Display props design classification
Display props design function
Display props are now widely used in the commercial display design industry. The design not only highlights the advantages of the product,
but also focuses on the brand image.In a broad sense, display props include the advantages of displaying products, improving brand
image and displaying products.
  • From the perspective of products, display props are mainly used to foil products, match lights to create visual impact, highlight the brand grade of products and convenient for customers to choose.
  • From the perspective of space design, display props are mainly used to decorate the space, with the collocation of the main space and the creation of space artistic conception.
Display props design application field
Display props used now has penetrated into all walks of life, for application in all walks of life, different items have different, display props
targeted mainly used in space places (supermarket, shopping center, stores, office places, etc.), show the class (advertising, image, publicity,
etc.) to show class display props have independence, most can not used for any match can be used.