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What is business environment design
The business environment design is one kind aims at the commodity attribute, the personality attribute, the environment factor And aesthetic form to be taken
into account, can be presented with a commercial appeal of business thinking.

The specific design shall take into account:

The function, value and material characteristics of commodities; The purchasing psychology, personality characteristics and application
value embodied in consumption;Goodwill, culture and inheritance based on commodities and demands; And environmental factors, formal means and so on.
Classification of business environment design
The form in which the business environment is designed
Commercial environment design is presented in a variety of ways, mainly through the transformation of a variety of flexible materials to show, can be summarized,It can be roughly divided into the following materials
-----acrylic, metal, wood and LED light。
acrylic wooden metal LED

Of all desktop display products,ac rylic is the most widely used. It has a good deformation ability, we can cut, sculpture, hot bending,vacuum plastic and other different processes, it made into different shapes, build different structures.

In recent years woodiness shows product to begin to be favored by each industry place, it’s pressed by woodchips and become, because its content is big, the price is cheap,sculpture is simple, be used extensively so.

Metal products in all desktop display products, is the most can reflect the texture of a material. High temperature can be shaped into a variety of shapes, full of luster and ductility, help foil the product.

LED products are a relatively new t- ype of environmental display products, diverse colors, product display effect is far more than other materials. Easy to transport and install,can be installed in any micro and closed equipment.

The application domain of business environment design
The cosmetics industry is one of the earliest industries of our company. We are responsible for OLAY, Dior, Estee lauder, Lancome and other brandsHigh quality combined display stands are available. Acrylic materials are most widely used in this industry, mainly used in the following industries.