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Factory advantage
General principles of quality control
All our quality management systems are based on the requirements of iso9001:2008. Raw materials, auxiliary materials,Incoming materials, such as packaging materials, shall be inspected before being put into storage. All production processes are controlled.We will pay more attention to the needs of customers and continuously improve our own shortcomings, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.
Getting things right in the first place is a unique feature of our company, a complete set of quality assurance tubes introduced from a large electronics manufacturer Manage process.From project initiation to production completion and continuous improvement. The NPI system ensures that all manufacturing problems, difficulties, and risks are addressed before mass production The product can be done right the first time, which is the guarantee of high quality, but also the guarantee of high efficiency.
The highest degree of automation in the industry
It is our company's advantage to use machine instead of human to the greatest extent. We not only have the most advanced machinery and equipment, but also Independent researchand development of equipment to meet the needs of production. The use of a large number of automatic equipment, not only can improve production efficiency, the most Important What is needed is a stable production quality.
A lot of jig is put into making jig
We used to make more than 5000 fixtures for one project to ensure the production of 10000 sets per day. This is a constant drain It takes a lot of time, effort and cost, but we think it's worth it. These tools can help machines or workers People accurately implement each step of operation, but also improve the efficiency of mass production.